So, How Was My Quick Trip to Orlando?

I will now have a pretend interview with myself about my quick trip down to Orlando:

Q: Hi, Welcome to the program.
A: It’s great to be here, thanks.

Q: So, how was your trip to Orlando?
A: Oh fine, thanks for asking.

Q: That’s it, fine? Wasn’t it your decision to post something here?
A: Oh right, yes. I flew down on United, back on United and was upgraded both times. I stayed at the Westin Disney Swan.

Q: Anything to mention about the flights?
A: Sure – I intentionally picked my flight down because it was on a 757-200 with an internationally-configured business class. That’s always kinda nice. But sadly, they swapped it out for a brand-spanking new 737-900, which literally had the smell of a new plane.

Q: Oh, that was kinda disappointing, wasn’t it?
A: It wasn’t a huge deal, but there is a big difference between the front cabin in those two planes. Also, United will sometimes fly newly delivered 737-900s without IFE, which was the case with this new plane.

Q: You’re not actually complaining about sitting in first class, are you?
A: No, not at all. But I can at least admit that I’d prefer the lie-flat bed seat to the actually kinda nice new seats on the 737-900. Though to be honest I went to see a play on Saturday night (Lucky Guy with Tom Hanks – 1.5 Stars) and the seating was quite cramped, and yet I sat there for 2 hours and never really thought about it. But if people sit on a 1-hour flight with 30″ pitch, they go bananas (self included). Not sure why that is.

Q: Now someone was telling me something about something before the show about noisy kids on the plane?
A: Yes, that was me. People complain about babies on planes, but in reality babies aren’t (always) the problem. There were 2 4-year olds sitting 2 rows behind me who, let’s say, did not use their inside voices while on the plane. I had 2 hours of fantasies about what I wanted to do to them.

Q: So the flight was fine. How was the hotel?
A: I can’t really give much of a review, as I spend nearly all of my time in a conference room. But the Swan & Dolphin is a gigantic resort, though I was never really able to find where to grab something to eat. Also, it could use some upgrading. Check out these delightful photos. Here’s the sign by the elevator welcoming me to the Preferred Guest floor:

Q: That’s seen better days.
A: Yes it has. Or how about the ceiling in my bathroom:

Q: Lovely
A: It really wasn’t a bad resort, but the rooms could use a little facelift.

Q: And how was the flight home?
A: I did get the 757-200 with the international business class seats, which are comfortable and have a wide range of TV/Movies that makes 2 hours fly by.

Q: Thanks for coming today.
A: You’re welcome. I’m here all the time.


  1. LOL, too funny! I especially like the ending!

  2. These are more entertaining that MMS Friday interviews, keep up the great work Jared.

  3. Haha, Jared I enjoyed this a lot! Thanks for posting.

  4. The blog post isn’t complete if you didn’t add your referral link for an SPG card and an explorer card. :razz: