Dear Air Canada….

….Thanks so much for your solid customer service. You were so nice to allow me to change my flight to Toronto today without penalty because of (the possibility of) the winter storm. That was kind of you.

You even gave me a link to re-book the ticket online. That was kinda nice.

Then when I went to that page you told me that I couldn’t rebook online, and that I should call you. You even gave me the phone number. That was helpful, since the online tool didn’t allow me to make the change.

Then I called you, and knowing how nice Canadians are, I knew you’d be able to help me out. You did help me out, by telling me in the recorded message that no agents were available and that I should call back later. You did say “goodbye” very nicely prior to hanging up on me unceremoniously.

Solid work all around, Air Canada.


  1. Definitely a classic in the world of airline customer service.

    The airlines really do need to up the capabilities of their online booking tools for weather disruption because they’re not going to pay a zillion rez agents to sit around and wait for storms. You no longer have an army of rez agents who can be mobilized for these situations. I’ve been generally spared the headache due to my ability to dial the first-answered “elite lines,” but I know that eventually my luck will run out.

    So how did you ultimately resolve this problem?

    • As yet unresolved. My corporate agency couldn’t help. I’m so used to flying United where I have status that it’s an eye opener to see how the other half lives. Maybe flying really is terrible ;)

  2. I just love how you’re being so sarcastic. :)

  3. Perhaps Air Canada should change their motto to “ARGO.”

  4. I had the unfortunate experience of having to call AC to track my baggage that had been delayed. I had to use voice prompts to go through about 5 different menus before the same thing happening to me — Being told that no agents were available and to call back later and hang up on me.

    Glad to know that their customer service has not improved one bit in 10 years. Slow clap.

  5. AC is a joke all round. I would gladly fly the worst domestic carrier before flying air Canada again.