A Painful Conversation….

At dinner last night with a good friend.

Friend: I got a new watch. (Shows me the watch…)

Me: Nice watch.

Friend: Yeah. (Becomes slightly sheepish). Uh, yeah I cashed in…

Me: (No. Don’t. Please don’t say it.)

Friend: Some Amex points…

Me: (sweating)

Friend: …to get the watch.

Me: (tearing up…)

Friend: I feel like it’s hard to use those points for trips.

Me: (banging head against table)

Friend: And when I called for 4 tickets to Florida, they said that 200,000 points is only good for $1,600 worth of travel…

Me: (taking dinner fork and stabbing it into my leg, because that dulls the pain)

Friend: Plus there are never flights available.

Me: (bursting into tears, people now staring)

Friend: So I decided to get this watch.

Me: (a blubbering mess)



Me: Cool, it’s a great watch.


  1. I’m kinda siding with your friend. The offer you recently posted for Amex with 50,000 points = $500 in gift cards. For doing nothing. I’ll take it.

    Could those points be used for travel that is priced at more than $500? If I’m not looking to go somewhere (or I have 3/4 million United points already), who cares? $500 in free money!

  2. hilarious

  3. By far, more creative than any other travel blogger

  4. more seats for the rest of us?

  5. I your humor and creative literary style that is entertaining to read, as opposed to the plethora of boring and repetitiously-cloned ad nauseum pablum that passes for miles/points blogging these days. Keep up the good work.

  6. Ditto what Chris said! You are hilarious to read! I was laughing out lout so hard!!! Keep up the great work.

  7. Wait, does your friend know you write a travel blog?