5 Quick Airline Stories for Thursday Morning

- African low-fare carrier Fastjet is currently locked in a dispute over the name Fly540. It’s more than I care to recount here, but in short Fastjet was created by buying a group of airlines flying under the Fly540 name (ie, Fly540 Ghana, Fly540 Angola, etc). The company that sold the license to use those names now says that Fastjet owes them $7 million and wants them to stop using the name. I only bring this up because Fastjet is being closely watched because: a) it’s backed by the founder of Easyjet; and b) it’s the first company looking to create a pan-African lowfare carrier.

- Air Canada will roll out a new Premium Economy cabin in its 5 777-300ER aircraft, beginning with a Montreal-Paris route in July. They will also be included in Air Canada’s 787s, assuming they are ever allowed to fly again.

- Lufthansa is outfitting its final 747 with seatback AVOD in Economy. All widebodies in the fleet will now have AVOD in coach.

- Southwest Airlines and Mexican carrier Volaris are ending what always seemed to be their half-assed partnership.

- Delta will begin serving Tokyo-Haneda from Seattle beginning in June, just as it announced it will drop flights to Seoul from Narita (partner Korean Air will now handle).

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