Yeah That’s Right, Delta Is Upgrading Their International Business Class Amenity Kits

Have you flown Delta internationally in business class recently and felt that their amenity kit wasn’t quite up to par? Me neither.

But Delta doesn’t care what you think (and that’s a good thing in this case, I guess?) as they’re kicking their old amenity kits to the curb like they’re a Northwest DC-9 and replacing it with a schmancy new amenity kit. Listen to this:

The amenity kits will feature Malin+Goetz’s Neroli Hand & Body Lotion and Lip Moisturizer, a Tumi eye mask, socks, shoe horn, shoe polish, comb, dental kit, tissues, antibacterial wipes, earplugs and a pen. The products will be contained in a Tumi case made from the brand’s exclusive, virtually abrasion-proof ballistic nylon fabric.

I know that your amenity kits have been plagued by abrasions. Your shoe horns and tissues can take quite a toll on the poor thing. But no more, not with Tumi’s “virtually” abrasion-proof fabric. And what’s with “virtually”? Does that mean it’s not abrasion proof? Because if it’s not, I’ll haul my butt over to United and see if I can abrase (?) abrade (apparently that’s a word, thanks commenter!) their amenity kits.

Bag aside, Malin+Goetz makes some nice stuff.