No, This Isn’t a Good Idea: Aeroflot Crowd Sources a New Livery

Just when people are starting to learn that Aeroflot is not the horrible, 1970s Soviet wasteland that its reputation suggested (indeed, its planes are newer and have more amenities in coach than many US airlines), it has to go and do this:

They have created a contest where people can submit their own designs for Aeroflot’s planes. While they are not universally atrocious (see all of them here), they are almost universally atrocious. This site picks out their “favorites.”

Frankly, I think it’s hard to top this one:

(Thanks to reader Gloomy Joe for the heads up)


  1. I particularly like the hammer and sicle (sp?) with wings on the underside of the plane. It mixes old world and new world ideas, like our old buddy Communism and Flight.