Starwood Increases Cash and Points Required for Cash and Points Awards

Starting March 5th, Starwood is increasing the requirements for Cash & Points awards. You can see the old and new rates below – they’ve increased required points and cash by roughly 10-20%. Not a huge deal, but still. That said, cash and points are a great option (I generally redeem them over full points when available).

On a positive note, they’re allowing cash and points for upgraded rooms and suites. I think my biggest surprise is that Category 1 hotels offer suites. On the category 4-5 hotels, the cash and points option for a suite is pretty reasonable in many cases because it will allow many families to get 1 room instead of 2 so the kids can fit.

[table id=16 /]

(Thanks to reader XF for the heads up)


  1. Aw, one of the best travel deals in the world just got a little worse. Still one of the better deals, but it will probably cause me to reduce my use of the SPG program slightly. 6000 points and $110 is becoming real money, and since SPG is chinzy on things like free breakfast for mid-tier elites, there may likely be better sale prices at other hotels.