Friday Roundup: PeoplExpress, Kingfisher Airplanes Impounded, and Emirates Removing First Class?

– You probably haven’t been wondering when the new PeoplExpress would finally launch out of Newport News, Virginia. That’s not going to stop me from telling you that they have secured a $500,000 (taxpayer funded) loan to purchase a charter carrier. This will allow them to get up and running faster than if they have to get operating certificates on their own. Over at they’re thinking the carrier they’re buying is either Xtra Airways or Skyking. I don’t know what those airlines are either.

– An Emirates board member says the airline is looking at outfitting some A380s with just 2 classes, eliminating First Class because they haven’t been happy with how that cabin has been selling.

– And Kingfisher, the Indian airline which had all manner of financial trouble, will likely not be starting back up again any time soon, as the Indian tax authorities now say they will impound the airline’s aircraft because of non-payment of taxes.

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