Frontier Continues Expansion in Trenton with $29 Fares to Columbus, Detroit and Raleigh

My ongoing excitement (?) over Frontier’s decision to keep throwing flights at Trenton built today when they announced 5 new destinations from the city that makes what the world takes.

Beginning in April they’ll roll out not-quite-daily service from Trenton to Atlanta (4x weekly), Chicago Midway (6x/week), Columbus (3x/week), Detroit (4x/week) and Raleigh-Durham (6x/week) all on A319 aircraft. Better yet, fares start at just $29 to Columbus, Detroit and Raleigh, which is amazing (obviously).

Until Trenton, Frontier really hasn’t played the wildly-low-fare game when it has entered new markets, though it seems to be rolling out a strategy of not-quite-daily service on thin routes with no competition (the Trenton flights; Orlando-Shenendoah Valley; Orlando-Columbia (Mo).

Frontier has struggled mightily in Denver, and they’ve pretty quietly started rolling out an Allegiant/Spirit-like series of services. If they can make Trenton work at $29 introductory fares, I suspect they’ll be moving aircraft out of Denver and on to more of these types of routes.

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