Don’t Forget about Using Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Miles to Go to Frankfurt

While others out there are excited about Singapore Airlines now allowing (relatively) reasonable redemption rates for award tickets in Suites class, I’m not going to be flying to Asia with the kiddies any time soon.

That said, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of one pretty solid redemption option using Singapore Krisflyer miles: If you book an award ticket online (where they give you a 15% mileage discount) it’s only 17,000 miles one-way from New York to Frankfurt (plus about $180 in fuel surcharges). The return ticket has nearly $300 additional in fuel surcharges, so it’s not quite the deal. But it’s a great option for people to get to Europe, and it’s certainly better than purchasing a ticket. It’s the cheapest one-way option to Europe that I know of.

You can get miles into the Singapore program through Membership Rewards or through Starwood (keeping in mind that if you want 2 one-way tickets to Frankfurt it will only cost you 29,000 Starwood points, since you’ll get the 5,000 mile bonus when you transfer 20,000 points, getting your per-ticket cost down to 14,500 Starwood points + $180 for a ticket to Frankfurt). That’s a solid deal.

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