CORRECTION BELOW: Heads Up: One SWISS JFK-Zurich Daily Flight Will Switch to Edelweiss Aircraft


First of all, Merry Christmas everyone.

I thought I’d give a heads up: According to Airline Route, SWISS will switch one of their daily JFK-Zurich flights to an Edelweiss A330 aircraft (and Edelweiss crew) from a SWISS A330 aircraft beginning March 31st.

Why does this matter? SWISS (which I just flew last week) has a pretty fantastic business class product on their A330 — if you sit in one of the window seats that only has 1 seat (vs. 2 in some rows) it’ll feel like First Class. Edelweiss, which is the leisure carrier for SWISS, has old-school business class recliner seats (seen here). If you’re paying for the SWISS experience up front, please note that you’re not going to get that – even though SWISS is, as of now, charging the same amount (roughly $5k) regardless of which product you receive.

The schedule for these flights is slightly confusing. Every day except Thursday, the 6:10pm JFK departure and the 1pm Zurich departure will now be on the Edelweiss aircraft. On Thursdays, the 9pm JFK departure and the 9:50am Zurich departure will be on Edelweiss.

They may make this clearer going forward (or not), but for now you can tell which aircraft you’ll be getting by looking at the seatmap. The SWISS aircraft has a First Class, so Business Class starts in Row 4. On Edelweiss there is no First Class.


  1. LX: 1 von 2 täglichen Flügen nach JFK mit Edelweiss - pingback on December 25, 2012 at 3:06 pm
  2. Not true. The press release specifically said it will be SWISS aircraft crewed by Edelweiss personnel.

  3. Here’s the emailed press release I received. Sorry for the formatting.


    East Meadow, NY, December 21, 2012

    SWISS & Edelweiss Air cooperation: JFK & EWR flights

    As of March 31, 2013, (the start of the summer timetable), one of two daily Swiss
    International Air Lines flights between New York’s John F. Kennedy International
    Airport and Zurich will be operated by sister airline Edelweiss Air (EDW). Additionally,
    once every two months, Edelweiss will also operate the Newark to Zurich flight. These
    changes are subject to government approval.

    The deployment of Edelweiss personnel contributes to SWISS’s efforts to reduce the backlog of
    vacation time accumulated by Airbus cockpit crew members, that has built up in recent years as the
    airline has experienced sustained growth. This measure will create for SWISS the possibility of further
    growth and expansion of the network, with the imminent addition of Singapore a good example in this

    Customers on the selected flights will be able to enjoy the high-quality SWISS product, which features
    the new SWISS First Class and modern Business Class with the lie-flat seats of the SWISS A330 fleet,
    combined with the experience in leisure-accented travel associated with Switzerland’s leading holiday
    airline. The well-trained and highly motivated Edelweiss crews are experienced in enabling passengers
    to forget about the stresses and strains of daily life while en route to their destination.

    The high degree of compatibility between the two products and the positive working relationship
    between SWISS and sister airline Edelweiss Air has further intensified in recent years. SWISS and
    Edelweiss both foster classic Swiss values, with a service culture built around quality, reliability and

    With regard to the specifications of SWISS’s First Class service and First Class product, the Edelweiss
    Air crews assigned to these flights will be specially trained by SWISS. Among other measures, a
    SWISS member of the First Class Cabin Crew will always be on board in a supporting role.

    For the crew members, this project offers the possibility of job enrichment and sharing of know-how.
    Thanks to the specific training in the SWISS First and Business products, Edelweiss Air crew members
    will have the opportunity to benefit from SWISS training and familiarization with SWISS standards. At
    the same time, SWISS will be able to benefit from the Edelweiss Air company spirit.

    We are convinced that SWISS’s regular customers will perceive the presence of an Edelweiss crew on
    North Atlantic crossings as an enhancement to our product offer.

    Information About Edelweiss Air
    Edelweiss Air, is the sister carrier of SWISS, and is Switzerland’s leading leisure airline. Last year the company flew
    over 1.1 million customers to some of the world’s most beautiful vacation destinations in 31 countries. Edelweiss Air
    operates a fleet of four Airbus A320, two Airbus A330s, and one SWISS A330. The company was founded in
    Bassersdorf (near Zurich) on 19 October 1995, and is now headquartered at Zurich Airport. It was integrated in the
    Lufthansa Group in November 2008. Current CEO is Karl Kistler is also an active Airbus commander. Edelweiss Air
    offers a combination of the highest reliability, punctuality and friendliness. And to make the air travel experience all
    the more special, the company’s staff are all dedicated to providing that “little extra”, too, in accordance with its
    “Schöner fliegen” (“Finer flying”) motto. This is not just a promise to its customers; it’s also a motivation for its staff,
    who are well-known throughout Switzerland for their commitment and their warmth. Those same credentials were
    duly honoured last year when Edelweiss Air earned the Swiss Travel Star Award.

    About Swiss International Air Lines
    Swiss International Air Lines Ltd., (SWISS) serves 69 destinations in 37 countries from Boston, Chicago, Los
    Angeles, New York, Newark, Miami and San Francisco via its hub in Zurich, and further Swiss international airports
    of Basel and Geneva carrying some 15 million passengers a year with its 90 aircraft fleet. The company’s Swiss
    WorldCargo airfreight business unit, meanwhile, provides a comprehensive range of airport-to-airport cargo services
    for high-value and intensive-care consignments to more than 120 destinations in over 80 countries. As the airline of
    Switzerland, SWISS embodies the country’s traditional values, and is committed to delivering the highest product
    and service quality. With its workforce of around 7,600 personnel, SWISS generated total operating incline of CHF
    4.9 billion in 2011. SWISS is a part of the Lufthansa Group, and is also a member of the Star Alliance, the world’s
    largest airline group.

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