Hyatt Regency Curacao Is No Longer a Hyatt

If you have an upcoming stay at the Hyatt Regency Curacao, you no longer have an upcoming stay at the Hyatt Regency Curacao (but don’t worry – the resort is still open – it’s just now called the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort).

The owners of the 2-year-old resort removed Hyatt as the operator of the property accusing Hyatt of uncontrollable cost overruns. It’s a pretty unusual situation, as Hyatt had a 25-year contract to run the property.

No one would argue that the Hyatt has been a success – average occupancy has been under 50%, but removing a management company is pretty extreme (the linked article notes a couple of recent examples, including Four Seasons being kicked out of the Aviara Resort north of San Diego).

I visited the Hyatt in Curacao a year ago (I didn’t stay there, but we spend an afternoon there) and it’s quite beautiful. But judging but the frequency with which the property was available on Jetsetter, they struggled filling rooms. Curacao isn’t a particularly popular island with Americans and the Hyatt is pretty far removed from any of the other resorts. Yes, many people see both of those as good things…


  1. interesting, I was wondering about that Hyatt. It is so remote I always avoided staying there — also was afraid I would not be able to find it. Does sound like a good getaway location though.

    • It’s not as far as it seems – maybe 20-25 minutes from the city. It’s easy to find – you’ll pretty much run into it as you take the road in that direction. I found it secluded enough that you felt like you were away, but you’re still 15 minutes or so from a number of restaurants.

  2. Well, we had been planning to book for next month when I saw this post, so I went to the Hyatt website. I was able to make a three night reservation for end of January, we’ll follow this situation closely, and have a back plan :!: