A Few Quick Notes on a Friday Morning

Good morning from Zurich, where I’m about to depart for home after 3 days away that felt like 27. It didn’t help that I flew Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Zurich on my way to JFK just so I could try SWISS in business class. A few quick thoughts/info this morning:

– Who are the men I see in every European airport drinking beer at 7 o’clock in the morning?

– Why did 6 people immediately stand up after we landed (not got to the gate – landed) and hang out in the aisle on my Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt this morning? Flight attendants asked them to sit- they ignored that and chose to stand instead til we arrived at the gate. Not sure what was going on there.

– My flight from LaGuardia to Dulles (which connected to my flight to Amsterdam) on Monday was delayed and when I arrived at Dulles I missed my connection by 15 minutes. I don’t know why they didn’t hold the plane. Doesn’t matter. I was met by a gate agent who said, “don’t worry, Mr. Blank, we’ve taken care of everything for you” and then handed me 2 $20 food vouchers, a hotel voucher, and a ticket for the next day to fly back to Newark and then onward to Amsterdam. That, obviously, was ridiculous, as I had just flown down from New York. To the credit of one of the kind women in the United Club, they booked my on a Dulles-Frankfurt flight and then added an illegal connection (connecting time too short) to Amsterdam after I convinced her I would make it (which I did).

– Hilton is offering 50% off a bunch of their hotels for travel through January 7th, and the rates appear to be, in many cases, legitimately 50% off. Details here.

– LOT Polish laid off its 10th CEO in 12 years. I really hope they don’t close up before I get to fly their new 787.


  1. 10 CEOs in 12 years! Thats just plane crazy (pun intended). For reference IBM has had 9 CEOs in 101 years.

  2. I don’t know who the beer drinkers were but I can say that I will drink beer at 7am for 2 reasons: heading off to a golf trip or heading to Vegas….

  3. Those beer drinkers are called ‘Europeans’ … its like Coca Cola.

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  5. The people standing up were probably from Naples. In my experience, clapping, standing up, and playing the accordian are all acceptable for Neapolitans immediately upon landing.

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