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One Last Word on Flying Backwards

A quick follow up on my note from last night: Flying backwards really is not an issue (as several people pointed out), but there are 2 things to know about flying backwards in business class on the United 777-200:

1) Although flying backwards isn’t a big deal, TAKING OFF backwards means that you will face a barrage of crap flying by your head, including (but not limited to) a barf bag, an in-flight magazine (Hemispheres), a Skymall catalog, the dinner menu, napkins, your glass that the cabin staff forgot to pick up, your headphones, and the mint you left on the armrest.

2) Flying in a middle seat in business was not as big a deal as I thought, except that 3 times I woke up because I was touching (inadvertently) one of my seatmates. It was ever-so-slightly romantic and unspeakably horrible. Truly, truly horrible.

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  1. Too bad there were no lovely ladies next to you.

  2. Hilarious post! Hey so i’m thinking about going to United 1K. I’m guessing you are one or were gifted an upgrade from a 1K. It seems like it’s ridiculously hard to get upgrades at time of booking with available R space and most of the time you just gotta be in the waitlist where being a 1K will be the most helpful. Any advice about how to get upgraded like you did? If it’s too hard i’m not sure it’s worth going for 1K.

    • HI Ryan,

      Yes – I had a 1K SWU (or GRU or whatever it’s now called). I think you just need to be flexible about routings. For example, although there wasn’t much R space available on the EWR-AMS flight, the IAD-AMS flight had pretty good availability, so I connected through there.