Don’t Delete the Email You Get from Bank of America…

I received an email from Bank of America with the subject line “A complimentary gift card for you from Bank of America.” I immediately assumed it was garbage and deleted it.

But then I reconsidered and opened it and saw that it was an actual legit email offering a $10 gift card for Macys, Starbucks or Target as a thank you for having the B of A Hawaiian Airlines credit card (which you may have for the 70,000 Hilton Hhonors points you get with it.)

Not a huge deal, but if you have the card it’s worth going through your deleted items folder and see if you received the same offer. That $10 will get me, what, roughly 1 cup of coffee, no?

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. I get so many junk emails from United that I barely read them. Nice catch Jared.

  2. They sent me one for $5 for the Virgin Atlantic card but nothing for the Hawaiian, now I am jealous! :wink:

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