SAS Pilot De-Ices Wings with Whiskey

Because of SAS’ financial troubles, the airline has been flying its aircraft with full fuel tanks under the assumption that it may not be able to purchase fuel when the plane arrives at its destination.

That policy caused an unusual scene at the airport in Alicante, Spain, when the combination of full fuel tanks and colder-than-expected weather caused icing on the wings. Because icing is unusual in those parts, the airport did not have de-icing equipment available.

But the captain thought on his feet and sprayed 3 bottles of whiskey (sorry, it’s in SwedishNorwegian, but there’s a translation here) over the wings, which removed the ice, and the plane departed just an hour late, returning to Stavanger, Norway, without incident (though smelling like a drunk).


  1. Jared, love your blog. Point of clarification. The article is in Norwegian.