Election Day Morning Roundup

– Emirates now allows redemptions on Easyjet. There are no bargains there.

– Star Alliance carrier Blue1 has been absorbed into SAS and is now part of SAS Finland.

– The last widebody flight from New York to Florida disappeared as American Airlines has dropped its 1 767 flight between those two cities (it’ll be replaced by a 757). We’ve come a long way from when Pan Am used to fly 747s down to Florida.

– Was a woman kicked off a Ryanair flight because she was carrying books?

– Alaska launches 3 new flights to Hawaii: Portland-Kauai (4x week); Bellingham-Maui (4x week); and Anchorage-Kona.

– US Airways has re-launched service to Shannon, Ireland, from Philadelphia for the summer season


  1. It is a shame that there are now almost no USA domestic wide-body flights. In almost all cases, widebody aircraft offer customers more comfort.

    Logic would suggest that there are several routes (like NYC-LAX) where there are enough customers to insure no excess supply. Is it all about the fuel: can you simply fly a full 757 on a transcon for less fuel per pax than you can a widebodied aircraft? Or are USA airlines too afraid to manage yield on a big plane?

    Overseas, especially in Asia/Pacific, domestic widebodies are still common.