A Bunch of Credit Cards That Will Earn You 50,000 Points…Without any Vanilla Fuss

Rick over at Frugal Travel Guy sent out a note the other day in which he said he is basically staying away from the whole Vanilla Reload thing (if that means nothing to you, you can read my summary here) because there are so many other ways to generate miles in a nearly risk-free manner through credit card signups. I basically wrote the same thing a week or so ago here.

(Upon further examination, FTG sent out an email today all-but-suggesting that you go out and rent an army of orphans and have them apply for the Ink cards…apparently I misread the first missive….carry on).

I’m staying away from the Vanilla Reload nonsense because of the risk, because there are no Office Depots in Manhattan carrying the card, and even if there were (and even if New York City weren’t under water/on fire) my time is more valuable than running around chasing reloadable cards. Eh, and mostly because you can’t get them in Manhattan.

Given that, I thought I would present a list of credit cards offering signup bonuses of 50,000 points/miles or greater. As you think about your next churn, make sure you’re considering all of the options out there, including these cards that give significant bonuses. And it’s certainly easier than traipsing from Office Depot to Office Depot looking for cards (not that there’s anything wrong with that…to each his own, right?).

[table id=15 /]


  1. Didnt FTG actually mention that he would easily max out the $50 limit (for the 5X bonus) at OD for both him and his wife? Not sure when he said he is staying away from the Reload game.

    • Crap – did I misunderstand the email he sent out about a week ago? Am I literally the only person staying away from the whole thing? (I assume all of us in Manhattan aren’t involved…)

  2. The Citi American Airlines AAdvantage Business Visa link does not work. Is there an alternative?