Need an Easy Way to Get United Miles So You’ll be Eligible for the 55,000 Mile Credit Card Offer?

We haven’t mentioned it in a while, but the United Explorer card 55,000 mile offer is still available through this link. You’ll get 50,000 miles after spending $1,000 in 3 months, plus another 5,000 miles for adding an authorized user. Plus, the first year is free.

The only catch is that the offer will only appear if you have miles in your account. This has caused issues for some people. Well, here’s an easy way to get 100 miles in your account so you can get the credit card offer:

– Visit through this link (I’ll get a few bonus points if you sign up, for full disclosure). Pointshound is basically a cashback site, but you’ll get miles instead of cash.
– Choose United as your preferred frequent flyer program.
– Verify the email they send you.
– Voila, you’ve got 100 points in your account.

Now you’ll be able to get that full 55,000 mile United offer. Enjoy!

(UPDATE: If you’re not getting re-directed to that 55,000 mile offer, sign in to your United account first, then click the link. It should work (assuming you have miles in your account.))


  1. Jared,

    Any idea if this applies to the business card version?

  2. Hi Jared, do you happen to know how long these miles take to post? I did this yesterday morning, and PointsHound still says “Awaiting approval” in the status column. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jared:

    When I follow the link, I am only seeing a 30,000 mile offer + 5000 for another authorized user. Is there some trick I am not aware of or has the offer just expired?

    • Hi Dave,

      Try this: Sign in to your United account, then go through the link. I saw the 30k offer as well before I signed in. But then I signed in to my United account (actually my wife’s, as she is eligible and I am not), and re-clicked the link. It directed to the 55k offer.

  4. Tried it all, but still only seeing 30,000 mile offer

    • You need to have miles in your account. Do you? I’ve used the link while logged in and it works.

  5. Yes, I have miles but only see 30,000 everywhere I go and click

  6. FWIW, I’m having a similar problem. I logged into an account that has plenty of miles. Then I clicked on the link above and I end up going to a page that says this:

    “The offer you are trying to reach has expired. Please wait while we redirect you to the new United MileagePlus Explorer card offer.”

    It then just sort of sits there, occasionally reloading the page, but never going anywhere.

  7. Offer is now coming up expired for me with the new link…

  8. I have plenty of miles in my account and am getting the expired message too. Is there a new link?

  9. Jared,

    I have 1700 miles in my United account, I sign into my account and then click on your link but it still takes me to the 30,000. Has the offer expired? If so, do you know when they’ll give the 55,000 offer again?

  10. It must be over because I can not get it to work after trying every trick you’ve listed. Thanks though!

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