Mario Batali Knows About Some Pretty Amazing Airline Lounges

The NY Times Magazine has a little blurb each week from chef Mario Batali about a seasonal drink he enjoys (during the summer it appeared to be “pour some wine over some fruit” pretty much each week.)

This week he writes:

“When I’m hanging out in an airplane lounge…I make a red beer…and add 4 shakes Tabasco, 1 tsp. Worcestershire, 3 oz V8 and squeeze half a lime then fil to the top with a cold pilsner.”

First, I assume “airplane lounge” is “airline lounge” and not 747 Braniff Place.

Second, I think I’ve been spending too much time in United Clubs, because, um, Worcestershire sauce? Tabasco? They have these in lounges?

(I’m cooped up because of the Hurricane, I think I’m starting to lose it…)


  1. They had these items in the Delta lounge in O’Hare the last time I was there a few months ago. They may have been removed in the interim to “better serve their cusotmers.”