Las Vegas Airport Terminal 3: Damn!

Las Vegas’ airport has always been the worst part of a trip to Las Vegas (which can be really saying something when you consider how bad it can get out here). Stepping into the baggage area is, and forgive my language here, a shitshow of unforeseen proportions. Assuming you can fight your way through to your luggage (or fight your way through the overweight masses with your carryons) you could then look forward to 45 minutes of winding through lines to get a taxi.

Not anymore. At least not if your flight goes to the new T3 (which my United flight did). T3 is also home to the international carriers and Alaska, Frontier, Hawaiian, JetBlue, and Virgin America.

It’s brand new, with empty security line after empty security line. The staff aren’t harried because there’s nobody there. When you arrive at T3, there is nobody — and I mean nobody (at least midweek) — waiting for taxis. It’s unbelievable.

There’s no TSA Pre at T3, and the TSA agent suggested that if you’re flying United and you have Pre access that you go over to the awful Terminal 1 and go to the Pre lines there. That’s nuts. Just take off your shoes and enjoy the (relative) serenity of floating through T3. (I think I might be losing my mind….but it really is nice).

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