$75 Off a Jetsetter Hotel

Save $75 on any Jetsetter hotel when you use promo code jetset75 at checkout. The deal is only good through the end of the day on October 18.

If you don’t belong to Jetsetter, feel free to use my link to sign up (yes, I get a $25 referral….feel free to not use it as well).

(Sorry for the brief post, I’m typing on my phone on a plane.).

Thanks, Slickdeals.

(UPDATE: This code appears to have expired early. You can still use JETSET10 to get 10% off your next Jetsetter booking).


  1. Dang, should have booked last night, stupid me

  2. It’s not just you — I found out it wasn’t working when I went to book a hotel this morning :(

    I did use the 10% off (not quite the same…)

    • Doesn’t help much when I was going to book a room for $117 before the promo :(

      • The room would have to be $750 or more for the promo to be equal and there is no way I would ever pay half that much. I guess the lesson is book early next time.

  3. Word of caution regarding Jetsetter as they don’t like to honor particularly good deals.

    I made several reservations for myself, my parents, and my friends using jetset75 code. Of 14 reservations 11 were canceled. 3 that remained were the most expensive ones (e.g. $500-600). All $4 or $22 or even $50 reservations were canceled.

    I knew to suspect something like this from Jetsetter, so not worried much, but I warn others not to deal with them.