Oh My God, TSA Pre Is the Greatest Thing to Ever Happen to Travel

I had the enjoyment of whisking myself for the first time through the TSA Pre lane at Newark Airport this morning and I can say without hyperbole that it is the greatest thing to happen to travel since the Wright Brothers invented the airplane.

If you haven’t experienced TSA Pre, get this: you go through security with your shoes on, your belt on, and your laptop in your bag. And because it’s currently limited to some frequent flyers and Global Entry members, there is no one in the line. It’s like flying private (or whatever). My pants did not fall down. Just throw your bags on and go. It’s like 1988 all over again!

I’m sure this giddiness will wear off at some point, but let me enjoy it for now. Thanks.


  1. And then the first time you are not selected the feeling of entitlement wells up and you go along muttering for 15 minutes…it is a fun roller coaster, like if club access was by random draw.

  2. Totally agreed on the giddiness factor … Got to experience it about a month ago at LGA and smiled as everyone in the “normal” line glared at me. Loving it while it lasts!

  3. You mean the “greatest thing ever to happen to travel” post 9/11.

    Airport screening has been such a PITA for so long now that being treated “normally” feels like a perk.

  4. Well, I hauled my butt down to a Customs office to sign up for Global Entry, put my trusted traveller number in all my ff profiles and so far — nada. I’ve only had occasion to show up at one Precheck line (in MIA) and I didn’t get the 3 beeps. Of course, I have no idea why.

    But so far the biggest problem is that there aren’t that many Precheck stations. And they’re often limited to one airline. And (so I’m told) you can’t use it for int’l. So when I show up at EWR for my int’l flight on UA, I’ll get bounced out.

    I guess I can dream of the day when I can routinely use Precheck. I’ll believe it when I see it.