Dear Every Car Service Driver in New York City…

First of all, thanks for picking me up all these years. Except for that one guy who I was pretty sure was falling asleep intermittently on the way to Newark Airport a few years ago (oh, and the guy who almost drove off the Pulaski Skyway) you have gotten me to and from the airport safely. Bravo to you.

But may I make a kindly suggestion. I am going to be 5 minutes late getting down from my apartment. I just am. Let’s accept that. If I book you for 9am, I won’t be down til, oh, 9:05 or 9:10. From what I have seen, you will use that time to peruse the New York Post (sports section, likely), and I don’t begrudge you that right.

However, may I ask that you enjoy your daily periodical AFTER listening to the traffic report? In New York City the traffic reports run on the 1’s on 1010 WINS, on the 5’s on Bloomberg Radio, and on the 8’s on 880 WCBS. If you’re doing the math at home, that means that every 2-3 minutes or so you can get the traffic report. Not a huge investment of your time, I think we both can agree.

I mention this because my 30 minute trip to the airport just took 60 minutes, as my driver did not bother to listen to the radio and we sat in traffic. We sat in traffic on the West Side Highway. We sat in traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel. We sat in traffic getting out of the tunnel. That could’ve easily been avoided (West Side Highway north to the Bridge) had you been listening for 2-3 minutes to the radio.

So, thanks again for the safe trip to the airport. But please don’t make me sit in traffic.



  1. Or you could have just hopped on the NJT train and then AirTrain. And saved $85. :wink:

  2. $80? I never pay $80 for a car service, I’m at $59 all-in to *JFK* with tolls and tip for a black car. At most.

  3. I am confused ! I always pay $70 for car service.

  4. WAZE… iphone app … check it out… it has saved me countless hours in traffic