Friday Morning Round Up (And Whew, Are These Stories Random…)

I came across a delightfully random assortment of stories this morning:

– The ongoing saga of Kingfisher Airlines took an odd twist yesterday when an arrest warrant was issued for Vijay Mallya, the airline’s founder, after checks to the Hyderabad airport bounced. Yes, an airline is bouncing checks. That instills confidence.

– By the middle of 2013 all of the AviancaTaca airlines will change their name to Avianca (except for Avianca, which is already called Avianca). That includes TACA, LACSA, Aviateca and TACA Peru.

– Speaking of airline names, WestJet’s new Calgary-based regional carrier will be called Encore.

– Luxembourg-based charter carrier Strategic Airlines shuttered. They operated 2 A320s from points in the UK to Greece and Cyprus.

– Beginning next year, Lufthansa will shift all European flights that do not go through Frankfurt or Munich to its Germanwings unit. Germanwings will be repositioned with an upgraded customer experience (whatever that means). About 30 routes will be shifted.


  1. I’m a bit surprised that TACA is becoming Avianca. To this Gringo, TACA has a better reputation. I’ve flown it a few times and associate it with “quality.” I just think of Avianca as a Colombian airline, and Colombia still carries a lot of baggage (bada bing) for me due to the decades of drug violence.