Amex Caps 6% Cash Back from Groceries on Blue Cash Preferred Card

Mommy Points passes along some bad-ish news about the amazing 6% rebate on grocery purchases when you use the Amex Blue Cash Preferred card. Previously there was no cap on how much cash back you could get. However, for the first of the year they are maxing the cash back at $360/year ($6000 spend) for grocery store purchases. The cap does not apply to the 3% rebate on gas purchases.

I your spouse has a card on the same account they can also spend up to the same amount.

Most families will not be affected by the cap (especially if you have two cards in the household). It would appear this is put in place to combat people buying large amounts of gift cards at grocery stores and getting 6 percent back on that. While getting rebates on gift cards is permitted, I’m certain that isn’t what Amex had in mind with the card.

Not a huge deal, especially if you weren’t hoarding gift cards, but it’s a change.


  1. dansdeals says that the cap does not kick in for another year for current cardholders. is this true?

  2. hmm been thinking about this and the penfed gas card that pays 5%.

    These cards do not make as much sense as it may initially look. This is from the perspective of someone who has a 2% everything cash back card.

    So you get 4% extra cash back up to 6000$ with a $75 fee….
    which is $165 a year. Yes its money, but when compared to an airline signup bonus card, that will always be a better option. In other words I do not think it is worth not maxing out airline CC apps in order to get this card.