A Review of Jetsetter Now, Their Last Minute Hotel App…And How It Compares to Hotel Tonight

This week Jetsetter launched Jetsetter Now, a new app that offers deals on hotels for this evening (or whatever evening you are reading this). This service competes pretty directly with Hotel Tonight, another same night hotel booking app. There is, however, 1 primary difference: Jetsetter does not tell you the name of the hotel you are booking (though I will below), while Hotel Tonight does share that with you.

For launch, Jetsetter has a handful of hotels available in New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. And while they don’t tell you the name of the hotel, they do share a fair amount of descriptive info, including hotel reviews. Those reviews come from Jetsetter’s website, which is how I’m able to share the names of the hotels with you.

Hotel Tonight has far more hotels in far more cities, though I’m certain that with Jetsetter’s relationships with hotels, this will increase significantly in the coming months. The only hotel I see overlapping is the Sutton Place Hotel in Chicago — Jetsetter Now has it for $105/night and Hotel Tonight has it for $169. I’d download both apps — always good to have more tools in the arsenal for cheap travel.

One of these days airlines will offer last day inventory through some 3rd party service, as hotels have done for quite some time (yes, Priceine, fine…but not knowing the flight times is a massive hurdle). But not any time soon…

In any case, for tonight, Jetsetter Now is offering the following (and the names of the hotels that they barely tried to disguise):

“Brooklyn Hip”: King & Grove (Williamsburg) $290/night ($295 regularly – big deal!)
“Downtown Hip”: Dream Hotel $473/night ($555 regular)
“Midtown Contemporary”: (sold out)
“Midtown Luxe”: (NOT SURE) $474/night ($682 regular)

“South Beach Hip”: Dream South Beach $126/night ($199 regular)
“Mid Beach Hip”: Standard Spa Miami $136/night ($189 regular)

“Boston Common Contemporary” Fifteen Beacon $343/night ($625 regular)

“Gold Coast Contemporary” Sutton Place $105/night ($229 regular)
“Magnificent Mile Hip” (Probably Ivy Hotel) $122/night ($199 regular)
“Lincoln Park Hip” Hotel Lincoln $136/night ($209 regular)

“Strip Hip” Cosmopolitan $125/night ($210 regular)
“Strip Classic” Caesars Palace $137/night

“Beverly Hills Hip” Mr C Beverly Hills $227/night ($349 regular)
“Hollywood Hip” Redbury Hotel $420/night

“Union Square Contemporary” Hotel Adagio $276/night ($309 regular)


  1. If airlines were to offer last day inventory without disguising flight time, you could identify the airline simply by looking up the flight times in a schedule.