Tuesday Morning Roundup

A few quickies:

– Kingfisher has now canceled flights through Thursday, though the airline is now saying that they will pay employees very soon (they have not been paid for months). Indian billionaire and Kingfisher beer mogul Vijay Mallya runs the airline, though the carrier’s debts are threatening his whole operation. Imagine if Mark Cuban owned American Airlines and its bankruptcy was threatening the Dallas Mavericks. Sorta like that. Or not.

– JetBlue has a one-day sale today for flights through December 12th. They’re not giving anything away, but it’s worth checking out.

– United Airlines has flights from Philadelphia and Charlotte roundtrip to Honolulu for $345 through the end of schedule (thanks Flyertalk!).

– (Via View from the Wing): US Airways is giving a 100% bonus on shared miles such that you can get 100,000 miles for $1135. I don’t buy miles in advance, but if you were going to purchase a business class ticket to Europe, this is cheaper than actually buying that ticket. Details here. Similarly, you can purchase miles with a 100% bonus from US Airways as well.


  1. $345 Flights to Hawaii on United from CLT or PHL - pingback on October 2, 2012 at 12:16 pm
  2. No quickie on the $100 Spirit bag?

  3. Thanks for the cool roundup about the flights timing. Keep sharing good things.

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