Get 6,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards Points When You Buy a $500 Marriott Gift Card

Southwest is offering up to 6,000 bonus points when you purchase a $500 Marriott gift card. You can also get 1,200 points for a $100 card or 3,000 points for a $250 card. Each member can earn up to 12,000 points (worth roughly $200 in travel on Southwest) through this promotion (think of it as a 20% rebate on the cost of the gift card, payable in Southwest credit).


  1. Since each point is worth at least 1.67 cents, the $100 purchase pays $20.04 in SWA points, $250 purchase is $50.10, and $500 purchase is $100.20.
    SWA is also offering double points this month on all flights (see