Get $50 Coupon Code for One Way Flight on JetBlue (Yes, That’s $100 off all JetBlue Flights through November 7)

Want to get $50 off your next JetBlue one-way flight? Sure you do! Here’s how.

1) Go to
2) Search for 1-way flights
3) Enter one of these promo codes (they’re reusable) 8W2DQ3S4, 8MB93DZE, 8W2DQ3S4 ,8XW36N2K
4) Enjoy your $7 flight from New York to Burlington (or whatever)
5) Good for flights through November 7th

Some highlights include $26 flights from New York to Chicago; $7 flights from JFK to Boston; and $46 flights from JFK to Ft Lauderdale.

You’ll have to book each person separately because the code is good for $50 off a one-way, but it’s reusable.

Safe travels.

(Thx Flyertalk and Slickdeals)


  1. Stay away from Friday to Sunday weekend trips to Vegas since flights are $100+ each way :(

  2. :sad: Doesn’t work. Do I have to sign in with trueblue for the $50 off?

  3. yea for some reason the lowest i could get for Burlington, VT was just $49 one way.