An Update on Which Airlines Charge Fuel Surcharges on Award Redemptions

I’ve (finally) updated my chart of which airlines charge fuel surcharges on award redemptions, and I thought it was worth noting 3 changes:

– Aeroplan now charges surcharges on most redemption partners.

– ANA previously did not charge fuel surcharges on US Airways flights. However, they are now charging fuel surcharges when US Airways bundles it into the fare (for you geeks out there, US Airways does not add a YQ fuel surcharge, but they do bundle it into the fare on TransAtlantic flights). So ANA is now charging surcharges on US Airways on Europe and Israel flights. To add to the confusion, if you book on the ANA website, the surcharges they show for US Airways flights are wrong — you’ll have to call the airline to get the correct amount (which, as of right now, is about $305 for Europe flights on US Airways).

– JAL charges a fuel surcharge if the partner does, but not if the partner airline does not. That means you can redeem using their mileage-based chart on AA, LAN and Emirates without fuel surcharges. As Lucky points out here, there are a few good deals out there if you have enough miles in Starwood to transfer to JAL, especially on Emirates from New York and Toronto to Dubai.

– Delta now charges a fuel surcharge on Skyteam partner airlines.

If you want to see whether an airline charges a fuel surcharge, search for a flight on ITA Software, then click on the fare. You’ll see something like this:

YQ is the fuel surcharge. YR is also sometimes used to denote a fuel surcharge.

If you have any corrections to the chart below, let me know.

[table id=1 /]


  1. Err… Not sure if this counts as a correction, but I don’t think Continental exists anymore (or, at least it’s not called Continental!)

  2. I don’t think British has fuel surcharges for Alaskan Air.

  3. Thanks – great info for us ‘newbies’ to have. Helps me understand one reason why fares are so different among the airlines.

  4. I am searching on ITA for flights from PHI to KIX. I am getting large fuel surcharges on Delta flights, which seems inconsistent with your post. Ideas?

    • I am also getting large fuel surcharges on PHI to KIX from US Airways, which is also inconsistent with your chart…

      • United is also charging a large fuel surcharge. What gives? So far I am 0/3 with the chart.

        • Hi. This chart is for who charges fuel surcharges on award redemptions, not for when you pay for the flight.

          • Thanks for the quick reply!

            In your post, you say “If you want to see whether an airline charges a fuel surcharge, search for a flight on ITA Software, then click on the fare. You’ll see something like this:”

            I am now confused why you tell people to do that if that does not tell you whether or not they will charge full surcharges for redemptions.

          • For airlines where they charge a fuel surcharge on partners, you can see the fuel surcharge amount in ITA.

          • Ah, I understand now. Thanks!

  5. Jared – how did you find this info? I was unable to find any stated policy on the official websites for a few airlines. I am particularly interested in United, American and Delta.

  6. I’m seeing large charges on AY tickets bought with AA miles

  7. For Aeroplan you need to update your YQ scam charges chart: Flights on US,UA,TK,CA, don’t have any YQ on rewards. MS,OS,LX,SN,SQ,LO may or may not have YQ or minimal YQ. Everybody else has them.

  8. SQ Singapore airlines charges fuel surchages on all award tickets….very expensive.