Gilt City Offers 40% Off Virgin America Main Cabin Select

Gilt City is offering a deal where they’ll sell you a coupon for 40% off Main Cabin Select tickets on Virgin America for $99.

Transcon tickets in their “Instant Upgrade to Main Cabin Select” class run around $1100 on the low end, so with 40% off (+$99), tickets will be about $750 or so. Not exactly giving it away, considering regular coach tickets are running about $260 round trip at this point. Also slightly ridiculous considering “Main Cabin Select” is basically premium economy, with 38″ of pitch. You can fly on JetBlue and get pretty similar legroom for a just a few dollars over the price of their regular tickets.

But if you’re a Virgin America fan and want some extra legroom, that 38″ of pitch is about what you get in most domestic first class on other airlines.


  1. I was looking at this one… it totally confuses me. So the coupon is 40% off the upgrade, but there’s 3 different price levels. Would that basically be the price difference for upgrading on short, med, long flights?