Wednesday Evening Icelandair/Alaska Update: Please Hold Off On Mile Purchases/Transfers

Some readers have noted that the miles they purchased and/or transferred today are not showing up in their accounts. Icelandair is aware of this problem (it’s tied in with the 10-day hold that was mistakenly reinstated). They are working on fixing it as we speak.

In the meantime, Icelandair has requested that people hold off on purchases and transfers until they fix the underlying issue (they hope by tomorrow). If you’ve purchased or transferred, don’t worry – you will not be charged if the transaction did not go through.

I know this is frustrating, but I promise – they have been incredibly swamped while, by all accounts, being incredibly helpful to those who have called.

The 20% transfer/purchase bonus deal goes through September 28th – don’t worry you have time.

I’ll post when they give me an update. Feel free to post questions, etc, in comments or email me (I’m trying to answer all the questions that are coming in via comments and email — it’s been crazy, but I promise I’m getting to everything as soon as I can). Somehow I feel personally responsible for this offer :)


  1. Thanks, Jared. Are we sure that the 10-day rule being reinstated was a mistake? I’ve been trying to buy points for the past two days. I talked with them today and was told the 10 day rule was reinstated. There was no mention of it being a mistake. Thanks for this deal and the continued updates!

    • They reached out to me to say it was an error. I had set an email telling them that a number of readers were vein told about the 10-day rule being reinstated. They assured me it was a technical error. It sounds like they had expired it for some time, but their computers kicked it back on. They’re working on it, I promise.

      • Jared,
        Does it mean I can ignore the transaction 2 days ago that I have not received confirmation or cancellation, and move forward purchase the miles when the system is back on? Thanks for keeping us posted.

        • They are about 95% sure your transaction will not be processed (if it hasn’t been processed yet). I’m waiting to hear back from them with more details on that, but they believe that if your transaction did not go through yet, then you’ll have to purchase again. But I’ll post here when I get more details on that.

          • So when I purchase miles today or tom again will the conversion factor be in my favor or not. I would think with the boost were giving to the Iceland community it would be a worse conversion rate. Also could you post what the conversion rate should be charging me because like a reader on another one of your posts I was charged over 600USD for 75K worth of iceland currency while he said it should have only charged me 424USD i dont know also shows me over 600USD so maybe he was just mistaken.

      • Awesome – thanks so much!

  2. Hi Jared,

    I purchased miles (or tried to) for the third time yesterday. Do you think those will go through? Or should I look at buying more today? Will you be posting something on your blog when Iceland Air gets its systems fixed?


    • Likely they will not go through. I should know more later today, and I’ll post as soon as I do. thanks!

      • Great news Jared–they went through! And I was able to book a couple of tickets.

        Just a warning to other readers–i’m seeing some discrepancy between ExpertFlyer and the AS website. There were multiple days that EF was showing at least 1 A seat available, but IcelandAir told me no. Sure enough, I headed over to the Alaska site, and for days that EF said there was availability in A, that availability was not visible on the AS site.

  3. So when I purchase miles today or tom again will the conversion factor be in my favor or not. I would think with the boost were giving to the Iceland community it would be a worse conversion rate. Also could you post what the conversion rate should be charging me because like a reader on another one of your posts I was charged over 600USD for 75K worth of iceland currency while he said it should have only charged me 424USD i dont know also shows me over 600USD so maybe he was just mistaken. Posted again because you didnt answer the first time

  4. Thanks for keeping us updated. I got an e-mail saying my purchase (made on Monday) had not gone through due to a Saga Club account issue, although there was a pending charge on my credit card as of Tuesday morning. But I hadn’t called in yet, figuring it had to do with the 10-day thing and there would be more info here–and there is! Glad to hear it’s getting sorted out.

  5. Jared,

    Thank you for the great work and being so patient in answering all the questions that we have. I have been trying to purchase points since Monday and failed more than a couple of times. I even followed up with support and this is what they had to say;

    “Yes, the requirement is 10 days from the start of the account. Please contact Icelandair for the details on the date and restriction.”

    I am hoping that Iceland Air fixes the glitch and we soon can purchase the points.

    Thanks Again!!

  6. My Sapphire account today shows a “pending” status for my attempt to purchase miles yesterday morning. I had received an email from Icelandair yesterday afternoon advising the transaction did not process and that I should try again. I called the airline and was assured by an agent that the mileage purchase did not go through. W/no faith at this point that I could secure an AS itinerary to HI that will suit due to lack of availability, I’m none too happy w/this pending status. I’m very concerned now that I’ll be charged for the miles and never be able to use them for the intended vacation. In my opinion, AS and Icelandair need an agreement to give a reasonable hold time on the seats reserved while Icelandair works out all of their kinks.

    • I know everyone is a bit frustrated, but please be patient with Icelandair. As you can see from the 400+ comments on the various threads here, lots and lots of people have been able to take advantage of this offer, and Icelandair has been beyond helpful working with people.

      They have been willing to extend holds on seats while they work out this issue. I’d ask them politely – it shouldn’t be a problem if you purchased miles but ran into the problem they’re having with the 10 day hold.

      • I agree with Jared. IcelandAir have been very supportive all the while.
        @Jo – If you have the availability speak to IcelandAir and they should be able to hold the seats. Again, YMMV.

        • Has anyone had luck holding seats? The rep I spoke with said Alaska isn’t allowing them to hold seats.

  7. I hope everyone has noticed that the buying, transferring and gifting with the 10 days waived is back now! Just booked my ticket to Hawaii!

    • Great to hear! Can someone let me know if the points they purchased yesterday (or the day before) showed up, or if this is referring to new purchases?

      • I can confirm that a purchase my wife made yesterday has just now posted into her account. However, the purchase I made yesterday on my account has NOT yet posted. I suspect they are still playing catch up so I’ll wait and see.

      • Jared–mine from yesterday AM purchase posted today.

      • I made a purchase on Monday. No points posted. I also received an email saying that the transaction was cancelled but CC still shows pending.

      • I made a purchase on Tuesday. The points didn’t show up and I got an e-mail saying that they couldn’t process the transaction and I should try again. But there is still a pending transaction showing up on my credit card account. I’m going to give it a bit more time and see what happens.

  8. Is anyone else having trouble establishing a Saga Club account?

    • It just ranges from instant to 24hrs.

      • It’s been about 72 hours and I am still not able to get my account established. I sent them an email about it – hopefully it’ll get figured out this week. I actually want to book a package deal on their site, in addition to buying miles!

        • I got an email this morning for an account I tried opening last week Friday. Almost a week. A friend of mine opened their account yesterday and received a confirmation this morning. Luck of the draw I suppose.

          • ah, okay – that makes me feel better. maybe my account will be opened once the worst of the rush is over, and i won’t have any trouble booking the package or buying the miles!

  9. Any way to speed up the creation of new accounts?

  10. This is still definitely not instant. I opened my account tuesday, when through the whole thing saying the transaction was cancelled, and just went through to buy points again. Nothing has posted yet. Will keep you updated. I’m worried that accounts OPENED on the wrong day will still have the 10-day hold on them. We will see though.

  11. Anyone have luck holding seats on Alaska Air?

  12. I have been trying since Tuesday to get this deal. I tried the last 3 days to buy points and none have posted to twoo of the accounts I opened (wife and me). I told the rep (nicest people in the world) that I bought 90K (I gave up on planning to share miles) and she said that she would hold seats for 24 hours with Alaska Air. I have yet to receive a confirmation (been about 1.5 hr). I hope this works and will be working on my tan next weekend in Honolulu.

  13. Just a note of caution to everyone – I made a points purchase last night that hadn’t gone through today. I called the call center and they said it wouldn’t go through and I should repurchase the miles. I did, but now both of my purchases went through. They said they could refund one of the purchases over the phone, but be careful before you make more purchases!

    This latest purchase posted really quickly and the transfer was almost instant.

  14. Andy, how long after you booked did you get the points in your account? It’s been over an hour and mine still haven’t landed.

    • Matt,

      I was able to confirm 2 tickets and put 1 on hold as I could not purchase the additional points. IcelandAir were nice enough to hold it for almost 3 days now.

      • They’ve told me twice now that they can’t hold tickets. Not sure why I’m getting a different response (though I can see why they’d hold it for you since you already have two). I just tried to buy points twice again today, and nothing has posted in over 3 hours. I think there are still some issues with their systems. I’d really like to get these tickets, but I think by the time my purchase goes through all the availability I was looking at will be gone.

        • They told me they can’t hold tickets as well. I was able to buy points and transfer points this afternoon with no issues at all. Timing maybe?

  15. I have coach tickets already booked on AS (thought about canceling, but points per ticket during that time is 75k). Do you think there is anyway I could buy SAGA points and use them to upgrade to F? To upgrade to F should run 15k points on AS.

  16. Signed up for two accounts a week ago Thursday, but they weren’t established until Tuesday. Wednesday I tried to buy points, unfortunately around the time when Jared posted his “hold off on buying points” thread…doh! 2 of the 3 points purchases I made on Wednesday failed and I received an email Thursday morning. Mid day Thursday I had some luck and was able to hold one of the two itineraries I need (thank you to the nice Icelandair rep!) but got disconnected by their phone system in the middle of it…doh again! Within minutes they called me back on my cell though -big kudo’s to them for that! I received one itinerary via email a short time later, but I’m waiting for the confirmation of the second itinerary I booked. Holding an itinerary is very much a YMMV situation, I had one rep insist they are not permitted to do this (yet the other rep did it). Also, I’m a little nervous that I haven’t seen the second itinerary I booked. Also, there are pending charges for 4 points purchases…there should only be two points purchase charges and then two “taxes” charges for the itineraries. That’s making me a little nervous, but hopefully they can iron out some of these issues in the coming days. Big thanks to Icelandair for dealing with this in a professional manner, and the reps who must be taking a beating. And of course, big thanks to Jared for keeping us all in the loop on this deal and passing info along to those of us trying to get in on this!

    • IcelandAir’s staff have been INCREDIBLY professional, which induces me to consider them for flying (and we’d like to vacation to Iceland at some point anyway). VERY pleased with the service levels they offer – especially to folks who have likely never flown on an IS flight and are booking non-IS tickets.