Chase Sapphire Preferred Lowers Minimum Spend to $2,000 for 40,000 Points (As You’ve No Doubt Heard by Now)

(THIS OFFER IS NOW GONE) I’m sure you’ve read it elsewhere – Chase Sapphire Preferred has lowered the minimum spend to $2,000 from $3,000 to earn 40,000 Ultimate Rewards points. If you applied over the past few days because Chase told us the offer was being changed, it certainly would not hurt to call them and ask about the new lower threshold. As always, be nice.

This brings up my one piece of advice about when you read about an offer possibly changing: I would NOT change my credit card application strategy because of possible changes coming up. There are so many ways to earn miles with cards that it is rarely (if ever) worth acting on speculation. If you end up with 10,000 fewer points, or have to hit a higher threshold – so be it. No need to drive yourself nuts about it. I know others feel differently, but I don’t think this hobby is about chasing every single last mile. It’s about getting enough miles for a dream trip — and right now there are PLENTY of options to make that happen.

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