Tiny Paraguayan Carrier Sol del Paraguay Líneas Aéreas Shuts Down

Bad week for airlines you’ve never heard of: tiny Paraguayan airline Sol del Paraguay Líneas Aéreas shut down, after just launching last October. They flew (well, as much as they flew) 2 routes, from Asuncion to Ciudad del Este and to Buenos Aires using Fokker 100s.

Incredibly, despite only having 2 routes and aircraft with a total of 108 seats, they were the second largest airline in Paraguay (behind TAM). Who knew?


  1. When I was in Paraguay over Labor Day I had to go overland by car. Asuncion is the only practical option, otherwise, Encarnacion and Ciudad del Este are effectively served by the airports over the borders in Argentina and Brazil, which are expensive and a hassle.

    Beautiful country but not easy to move about.