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A Unified Award Chart for All US Airlines (And the Best Values for Each Destination)

I haven’t seen this pulled together anywhere (forgive me if I missed it), but I’ve often looked for this:

I’ve pulled together the number of miles required for all major US airlines to destinations around the world from the Continental US, and pointed out any bargains in the group. You’ll see that Avios and LAN pop up a couple of times. You can view the Avios distance-based award chart here. LAN also has a distance-based award chart, which you can view here. With LAN, remember that you’re looking at Kilometers on that chart — divide that in half to get the number of miles required. You can transfer Starwood points into LAN, but keep in mind that 1 Starwood point gets you 2 LAN kilometers. The 5,000 point bonus is also doubled. So 20,000 Starwood points gets you 50,000 LAN kilometers.

All miles below are roundtrip.

I’ve also left out options with a fuel surcharge. ANA, for example, has a distance-based award chart with some good mileage values on it, but it’s pretty useless because of the fuel surcharges.

If I’ve missed anything in here, please let me know and I’ll be happy to correct.

Destination (from North America)Alaska AirlinesAmerican AirlinesDelta Air LinesHawaiian AirlinesUnited AirlinesUS AirwaysBest Option
North America (Coach)2500025000250002500020000 (under 700 miles); 2500025000Avios (on AA or Alaska): 9000 miles for trips up to 1300 miles
LAN (on AA): 12000 KMs (6000 miles) flights under 600 miles r/t; Aeroplan Short Haul is 15k;
US Airways (if you have their credit card) is only 20,000 miles within US
North America (Business)500005000045000500005000050000LAN/Avios for short-haul; Delta for all others
Hawaii (Coach)4000035000 (off-peak); 45000 (peak)40000400004000040000AA off-peak; US Airways with credit card; Avios from West coast
Hawaii (Business)750007500075000; 85000 in BusinessElite800008000080000Avios from West coast
Caribbean (Coach)3500025000 (off-peak); 35000 (peak)35000350003500025000 (off-peak); 35000 (peak)AA/US Airways off-peak; Avios with nonstops
Caribbean (Business)600006000060000700006000050000 (off-peak); 60000 (peak)US Airways off-peak; Avios nonstop
Central America (Coach)3500030000 (off-peak); 35000 (peak)35000350003500035000AA off-peak; Avios nonstop on AA
Central America (Business)650006000060000700006000060000AA/DL/UA/US; Avios nonstop
Northern South America (Coach)3500030000 (off-peak); 35000 (peak)45000500004000035,000 (off-peak); 60000 (peak)AA off-peak; LAN (equivalent of 24000 miles)
Northern South America (Business)6000060000900001000007000060000 (off-peak); 100000 (peak)Alaska/AA/US (off-peak); LAN (equivalent of 50,000 miles)
Southern South America (Coach)40000 (off-peak American); 50000 (LAN); 60000 (peak)40000 (off-peak); 60000 (peak)60000500006000035,000 (off-peak); 60000 (peak)US Off-peak; LAN (equivalent of 35,000 miles)
Southern South America (Business)90000 10000010000010000010000060000 (off-peak); 100000 (peak)US Off-peak; LAN (equivalent of 75,000 miles)
Europe (Coach)40000 (off-peak American); 60000 (peak)40000 (off-peak); 60000 (peak)60000550006000035,000 (off-peak); 60000 (peak)US (off-peak); Hawaiian (via Delta); Flying Blue (one-way to Europe on Delta is 25k); Avios to Dublin on Aer Lingus (25k from Boston; 40k from Chicago/NYC)
Europe (Business)75000 (Icelandair); 90000 (Delta)100000100000110000100000100000Avios via Aer Lingus to Dublin (50k from Boston; 80k from Chicago/NYC); Alaska (via Delta); Aeroplan is 90k to Western Europe
Africa (Coach)800007500080000 (100000 to South Africa)800008000070000US Airways
Africa (Business)120000150000120000 (140000 to South Africa)160000120000110000US Airways
Middle East/India (Coach)800009000080000 800008000080000Pretty Similar Across the Board
Middle East/India (Business)120000135000120000160000120000120000Pretty Similar Across the Board
Northern Asia (Coach)50000 (Japan, off-peak American); 60,000 (Cathay)50000 (Japan, off-peak); 65000 (peak); 70000 (China)70000 800006500065000AA's Japan off-peak
Northern Asia (Business)100000 (Japan)/110000 (China)12000016000012000090000US Airways
Southeast Asia (Coach)60000 (Cathay)7000080000 800006500080000Alaska (Via Cathay)
Southeast Asia (Business)100000 (Cathay)110000120000160000120000120000Alaska (Via Cathay)
Australia/South Pacific (Coach)80000 (Delta; Air Pacific)750001000001200008000080000American (via Qantas)
Australia/South Pacific (Business)105000 (Delta)125000150000210000135000110000Alaska (on Delta)
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  1. Jared-

    this is fantastic- I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Thank you so much for pulling it together!!


  2. i subscribe to 20+ travel blogs, yet 70% of the posts i bookmark and 95% of the posts i lol at are OTR :)

  3. Now can you do from TLV on all airlines? :)
    I started doing this on DDF to find discrepancies btw carriers.

    Some possible improvements:
    -Who allows one-ways
    -Transfer partners
    -Basic stopover/open jaw summary

  4. this is incredible. thank you!

  5. chart comes out a bit funny in chrome(at least on my comp)..but IE looks fine

  6. Jared, great job! A lot of us have this information floating around in our head, but pulling it up at a moment’s notice isn’t always the easiest! Thanks for giving us a place to bookmark and come back to for all those times we can’t remember!

  7. This is really helpful! Thanks for doing it. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but would you consider doing a similar chart for using miles from US programs intra-region–like within South America, Africa, Asia, etc.?

  8. Can you please do from my house to everywhere in the world?

  9. Just a technicality, but for the sake of accuracy, it should read 9,000 Avios for trips up to 1300 miles, not 9,000 miles.

    Once again, many thanks! Did you also do a chart of off-peak dates by region/airline?

  10. Bookmarked!! :)

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  12. What do you recommend for a trip to Russia?

  13. I don’t think the Icelandair 75000 to Europe is 100% accurate for a round trip. It seems like the lowest rate from the USA to Europe is about 60,000 in coach or 100k in “economy comfort”

  14. I love this chart! I’m printing it out and putting it in my Points Folder. Thanks for putthing it together.

  15. The only thing I would * is that United and American allow One-Way awards

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