1,000 United Miles for Enrolling in Visa Offers

This will be just about the easiest 1,000 United MileagePlus miles you’ll earn for a while: Sign up to receive text messages from Visa Offers (via Thanks Again) and you’ll get 1,000 United miles credited to your account in about, oh, 8-12 weeks or so. Here’s how:

– Go to Thanks Again
– Register for a new account
– When done registering, log in to your account
– Go to the My Account section and click on “Click Here to Join Thanks Again Offers”
– You’ll see that it says you’ll get 1,000 miles for signing up for Visa Offers.

Yes, you’ll have to give your credit card (so they can track your spending) and your phone number (so they can receive texts). But you can opt out, apparently any time after signing up.

If you’re already a Thanks Again member (which I was, for who-can-possibly-remember-what-reason), you can only earn the miles if you originally came through that United link. Or, of course, you can create a new account with a different username (just saying…)

Yes, text offers can be annoying. If it’s not worth 1,000 miles to you, don’t enroll. But this was an easy 1,000 miles, and if it’s annoying I’ll unsubscribe.


(Thanks, Slickdeals)

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