Kenya Airways Refunds $1,400 to Woman Who Sat Across from Corpse

Think you’ve had a bad seatmate?

Kenya Airways has refunded a passenger the $1,400 she paid for her ticket after the gentleman who sat across from her on a flight from Amsterdam to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, died midway through the flight.

The non-dead passenger, who happens to be a reporter for Radio Sweden, reported that a gentleman (then in his 30s, now not in his anythings) was seated across the aisle from him and did not look well prior to takeoff. Said she, “He was sweating and had seizures…” I think I sat next to that guy the time I flew from Delhi to Dubai overnight. That’s neither here nor there.

Several hours into the trip the seizures stopped and airline crew and passengers tried unsuccessfully to revive him. No luck. Crew laid him across the seats in the middle, directly across from the aggrieved Swede.

Upon return from her holiday in Tanzania she wrote the airline and, to their credit, they refunded the cost of her ticket.

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