Apparently If You’ve Ever Had Elite Status, You Can Stand in the Shorter Airport Security Line

My father called me very excitedly this morning with this tidbit:

He was at Ft Lauderdale (which, I’ll note here, exists in its own parallel universe in terms of how things run, as it is full of people over the age of 85), and noticed a very, very long line at security. He’s a quick thinker and a hater of all things line-related, and remembered that for who-knows-what reason, he still carries around a Continental OnePass Bronze Elite card from the mid-1990s. He pulled it out, flashed it to the security person, and voila, he’s on the very short elite security line.

Moral? Don’t throw out your old elite frequent flyer cards.*

(* Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you cut in line. That’s not nice.)


  1. I was flying an airline I didn’t have status on. Massive line but the first screener was before the line. She looked at my boarding pass and saw row 2 (one class of service flight) and sent me to the first class line that had 1 person in it. Saved an hour or so.

    They really don’t care too much.