Tuesday Wrap Up

I’m traveling for the next two days and I only have an iPad with me. You don’t care, but my laptop died and I’m trying to see if I can survive with just the iPad. The biggest drawback so far is that writing for the OTR is a bit of a pain. So, I’m bundling everything I would have written into one post. Here goes:

– Trip Report: Sunday night I flew Newark-Amsterdam on United 757 in business class. Got on plane. Fell asleep. Ate nothing, drank nothing, watched no video. Woke up as we were landing. Thanks, flat bed seat.

– Southwest Airlines is apologizing to a woman because a gate agent said she could not board a flight because she had too much cleavage showing. Photo in attached article suggests perhaps she had just the right amount of cleavage showing.

– Frontier is changing how they charge for their in-flight entertainment. Previously they charged $6 for DirecTV and $8 to watch movies. Now, they are combining those into one price. It’s $3.99 for flights under 2 hours, $5.99 for flights 2- 3 1/2 Hours, and $7.99 for flights over 3 1/2 hours.

– You thought your job was an uphill battle? Read an interview with Haiti’s tourism minister.


  1. Kudos to Frontier for basically keeping prices stable.

    Let me know what you think about only traveling with the iPad. I thought it would be the answer to my problems, but I’m not so thrilled. Should’ve paid the extra to get an ultrabook instead.

    • I love how light the iPad is compared to my now-dead MacBook. I bought the Logitech keyboard attachment and that helps. But in terms of doing any writing beyond emails (ie, blog posts where I have to include links) its tough. I think I’m going to get a MacBook Air for traveling.