From the OTR Archives: Your First Class Seat Kinda Sucks

I generally don’t post on weekends (it’s family time), but pretend readers keep writing me begging for weekend posts. And also for more links to the Chase Sapphire card. I’m going to compromise: On weekends I’ll re-post an older story from the archives.

From July 2011: I Am Going to Respectfully Disagree with Those Who Have a First Class Seat Fetish

About 10 days ago I flew business class (paid!) from Newark to Amsterdam on Continental for a work trip. Continental offers the best nonstop business class product on that route, with lie-flat seating now available on all of its 757-200s.

I fly to Amsterdam a few times a year for work, and because I’m a dork I’ve mixed up the airlines I fly just to keep it interesting…


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