6 Membership Rewards Points Per Dollar at the Apple Store

I was just reading about the new MacBook Pro (my laptop died), and I was thinking if there were any ways to reduce the not-exactly-inexpensive $2200 pricetag.

Here’s one way: Membership Rewards is now offering 6X points when you purchase from the Apple Store (you have to click through the MR portal). That’s roughly equivalent to 6% cashback (as you’ll be earning 13,200 points for that laptop purchase, for example). If you were holding out for that new Mac laptop, it’s the best deal available.


  1. Try stacking it with TopCashBack.com. 1.5% on top for 7.5% total. Not bad, especially if you can leverage more value out of the points.

    …Or do you have to go through the Membership Rewards portal? Sorry if it’s a silly question, but I’m new and not an AmEx cardholder (yet!).

  2. if you can make your way to the education store once you click thru into he apple store, you can get $100 back (in form of iTunes gift card)

  3. Hmmm, now may be the time to make that iPad purchase that I’ve been contemplating about. Thanks Jared!