[NOW CLOSED] I’m Giving Away 3 Codes to Get the United Club Credit Card Free for the First Year

I have 3 codes for the United MileagePlus Club credit card that will get you the first year for free. It’s usually a $395 annual fee for the card since it gets you United Club access (I have the card and am currently enjoying the first year free, though I think I’m going to keep it because of the club access and the fantastic 1.5 miles per dollar spent on everything).

To enter the drawing, just leave a comment below. I’ll pick the 3 people at 6pm Eastern Time on June 8th. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to readers Zack, Robert and Pat for winning the drawing for the 3 codes. Enjoy the lounge access!


  1. I would love to get the promo code…have been eyeing this card for a while!

  2. You are a peach.

  3. always good stuff on your blog

  4. It’s time for my summer Churn, so I’d love a code. Keep up the good work on the blog!

  5. I’m really only in it for all of the packaging.

  6. me,me, me.

  7. i can just smell the coffee in those airport lounges.

  8. i will sell this on ebay.

  9. I’m not big on having a million cards out at once, but I could really use free lounge access.

  10. I would love to have a code. This seems like a great card.

  11. Been following this blog for the last month. Great posts

  12. Would love a code. Thanks.

  13. Great blog. The card looks like it may replace my AX platinum card

  14. Would love to have united club card!

  15. would love one!

  16. I would love it. Read your blog every day. Thanks.

  17. Just made arrangements with United for Europe. It would be nice to get the code to see if the card is what it says it is and does. Thanks for the consideration!

  18. love this blog..would love the discount code…traveling alot this summer with a teen and u know how much luggage that means. Live in a small town and always need to connect thru iad. always a long layover..club access would be great..This card seems perfect for me for the next year and beyond.

  19. Hi Jared – your blog is awesome, and so would be having the promo code.

  20. best blog, short and to the point, and thanks for all.

  21. pick me :grin:

  22. A daily reader who’d love a code

  23. Worst blog ever. If u don’t give me the code I’m gonna set up an operation fax blast all over your ass!

  24. I’d love a code.

  25. I’ve dreamed of having club access – but too cheap to buy it. Traveling regularly for over 15 years I’ve only seen the inside of a club twice (guest of a member). And that’s it. What a sweet treat it would be to get to use a club for a year – pick me, Jared, pick me! (but even if you don’t I’ll still check this good blog daily).