3 Trip Reports in Haiku Form

It’s been a busy busy week of travel here at OTR. I’ve already written a way-too-long for this website (though not long enough for other websites) trip report of my flights to Australia.

To balance that out, I will condense the trip reports of the subsequent 3 trips into haikus.

Air New Zealand 747
Auckland – San Francisco
Premium Economy

It’s not a new plane
Seats older than SpaceSeat, though
Footrests helped me sleep

United 757
Newark – Barcelona
Business Class

Ran out of ambien
Tylenol pm worked fine
Slept until landing

Lufthansa A380
Frankfurt – JFK
Business Class

Angled seat not bad
People complain way too much
Loved lemon in Coke

I hope those were helpful.

A couple of other notes:
– Global Entry is the best thing the US government has done since, I dunno, freeing the slaves? (not better than freeing the slaves…a way way distant second)

– The transfer in Frankfurt from the flight from Barcelona over to the C gates took about 40 minutes of monorail plus a loooooooong walk. Easily the longest airport transfer I’ve ever done.

– The coolest thing about the A380 is being able to board directly from the lounge.

– I was prepared to hate the Lufthansa business class seat based on everything I’ve ever read. While it’s angled and not flat, I didn’t hate it. It’s made out of cloth so I didn’t find myself sliding the way I usually do on angled seats. Or maybe my expectations were low. Or maybe I realized it was a hundred billion times better than being in coach.

Good to be home.


  1. Follow Up LH Haiku:
    To Jared angled seats not bad
    Then he will find 747-8 sublime
    Finally fully flat

    • Bravo on the haiku!

      And I can’t wait for LH to bring the 747-8 to New York (It didn’t fit in the Haiku but I did enjoy United’s full flat 757 on the way over to BCN)

  2. Best flight reviews I’ve read in a long time – cant tell you the amount of time i’ve spent scrolling through other bloggers’ verbose meanderings.