Amex Business Gold Rewards Card: Now 5x Points on Shipping and Advertising (for first 3 months)

This isn’t a reason alone to get the American Express Business Gold Rewards card, but if you’ve recently gotten one, note that they have a promo going where you’ll earn 5x points on shipping and advertising spend for the first 3 months you have the card. If you are thinking of getting one, it’s first year free, $175 thereafter. The big selling point is the 3x points for spend on airfare. Not a big deal, but just thought I’d pass along…


  1. Link? I got mine in the mail (the 50,000 points promo) but haven’t activated it yet…can I take advantage of this?

  2. Great deal, but they screwed me into a standard 3x card. Be careful when getting cards from AMEX, they will pull a bait & switch on you.