Cimber Sterling Declares Bankruptcy, Shuts Down

Danish no-frills airline Cimber Sterling has gone bankrupt and shut down its operations, stranding passengers scattered across picturesque, socially-responsible towns throughout Scandanavia. Passengers who purchased travel insurance with the airline will have their fares refunded, while those who did not are completely out of luck. If by “out of luck” I mean they will lose their airfare but will still live with the full social welfare safety net of the Danish government.

Travelers in Karup, Bornholm, S√łnderborg and Billund are especially affected, as Cimber Sterling was the only airline flying to Copenhagen.

Cimber Air has been flying since 1950; it bought Sterling Airlines in 2008.


  1. Carsten Varming

    Well, if they used a very anti-danish method of payment, i.e., a credit card from Visa/MC or Amex, then they would be just as fine as the people you spend $4 on bankruptcy insurance.