Alaska Airlines Credit Card – This One Also Comes with Lounge Passes (Oops – Only for Canadians)

Card churners are quite familiar with the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card because of its churnability and its $99 companion airfare certificate that can be used even on first class fares. The current best bonus on the card is for 25,000 miles after first purchase (though last year it was up to 40k, and even last month was at 35k.)

I haven’t heard anyone speak of the Alaska Airlines Platinum Plus Mastercard (application here – not an affiliate link.) It’s also Bank of America, and has the same terms as the Visa Signature, but in addition to the 25,000 mile signup bonus and $99 companion ticket, you also get 2 FREE BOARD ROOM LOUNGE PASSES, a perk not available with the Visa Signature version of the card. Both cards do come with a $75 annual fee, though. I believe the 25k bonus is ONLY through the link I found above. (SORRY ABOUT THIS – IT’S ONLY FOR CANADIANS. MY BAD…CARRY ON)

In addition, I know people have been excited about new Chip & Pin cards – this one also has Chip & Pin, which provides an added level of security (and allows you to buy train tickets at kiosks in Amsterdam, from what I can tell.)

And since I’m talking about Alaska Airlines cards, I also never hear anyone mention the Alaska Airlines Visa Business card (application here). 20,000 miles on first purchase ($75 fee), but it also comes with the $99 companion certificate, which could be very, very useful if you’re a family of 4 and need 2 companion certificates to get wherever it is you were planning on going. (THIS IS NOT JUST FOR CANADIANS…)


  1. Maybe you haven’t so much about it because of this little statement on the application form:

    BEFORE you BEGIN this application, please confirm your eligibility:

    •You must be a Canadian resident AND have a Canadian credit FILE

    • Meant to say, in reference to the MasterCard.

      • YEP – completely my bad. The MC is just for Canadians. The business card IS available for Americans. Thanks for pointing that out (see, I knew there was a reason no one was talking about it…)

  2. Hi Jared,

    You do get the boardroom passes with the Visa signature. I dropped my old Alaska card (held for more than a year) last January and applied for a new one in late Feb and got the 25k miles, $99 cert and 2 paper boardroom passes.

    When the 35k offer posted I called to try to get them to up what they had sent me as I had just only got the card. The link has no offer code associated with it so they couldn’t do this but told me to just apply for another card using that 35k link. I did and just got it along with all the bonuses.

    So 60k miles (25k + 35k) for $150 in fees plus 2 companion passes and 4 boardroom passes.

    Most West coast lowest fare flights are now around $250 so the $99 companion fare pays for itself even if you don’t milk it (1st class to Hawaii or Mexico)

  3. You actually do get the 2 boardroom passes with the Visa Sig card. I got them last year with the 40k card. I was also able to sell the $99 Companion Pass… Came out ahead!!

    • How can you sell it? T&C says that the account holder must be traveling while using this companion ticket.

      • I think the actual booking mechanism is that the paying customer must travel with the companion fare traveler.

  4. I applied for an Alaska MasterCard two weeks ago on an Allegeant flight from Seattle to Bellingham, Wa. I filled out an application form and was promised
    26000 pts. I haven’t heard a word since.