I Found a Link for the Alaska Airlines Credit Card with a 35,000 Mile Bonus (DEAL EXPIRED)

Among all the credit card bonus craziness this week, several people have re-posted a link from Flyertalk for a 30,000 miles bonus on the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card. This was exciting because the bonus had been at 25,000 miles for quite some time. This was less exciting because the bonus had been 40,000 miles last year.

Better news: I just found a link for 35,000 bonus miles with signup for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card. Same deal as always: $75 annual fee (not waived). Comes with $99 companion ticket good on all fares classes (including first class tickets). Lots of people report this card to be churnable.

And, if you’re new to Alaska Airlines, check out this post where I call Alaska’s Mileage Plan the most underrated frequent flyer program. Alaska miles can be redeemed on American, Delta, KLM, Air France and more.

Take a screenshot of the application page just to be safe…

(I do not get an affiliate referral for this card).


  1. I got here from Gary’s link but wanted to say great find!! How did you find this offer? If this isn’t a public offer, will I still get the points if I apply? When I apply with American Express, they refuse to match targeted bonuses. I have never dealt with Bank of America before. Thanks and nice blog by the way!

    • Thanks for the kind words. It’s a publicly available link. We have seen the issues with BofA that we had with Amex with non-public offers. I’d take a screenshot to be safe.

  2. Oddly this link has no offer code listed anywhere. I just called them to see if they would match this offer to my new card I got last month and without the offer code they wouldn’t budge. they did say simply apply for a 2nd card using that link.
    I checked the Terms and unlike all Chase cards it doesn’t restrict the bonus to new or 1st time applicants. So I’ll give it a shot as I’m still way within my credit limit on cards as I usually dramatically lower the credit limit that they extend.

  3. Link has expired unfortunately, just as I was about to apply.