Update: American Is Pricing Etihad Awards to Maldives Correctly

A few months back I wrote about some of the rather confusing routing rules involved with using AAdvantage miles to book on Etihad. I had mentioned that for a time, American was not pricing awards to the Maldives correctly. They should have priced as one award to the Middle East. Instead, they were pricing as two awards (North America to Middle East, then Middle East to Indian Subcontinent).

Well, it’s be fixed. A reader (thanks XF) wrote that he got AA to price out a one-way award from North America to Maldives in F on Etihad at 90k miles, which is correct. (I know this won’t affect most of you, but I did leave this as an open question in the earlier post…)


  1. 90K from LA to Maldives in first or one way?

  2. Wouldn’t quite say that this is ‘correct’ — it’s certainly PER THE AWARD CHART but AA does have an (unpublished) rule that the overwater carrier must publish a fare between the origin and destination to constitute a valid award. And if EY doesn’t have an award from the origin point to MLE then it should be two awards. Would be great if AA stopped enforcing this. But much of the problem and supposed inconsistency has had to do with whether EY has had published routes between specific city pairs.

    • If a rule is unpublished, is it a rule? ;)

      A reader told me that AA did ticket his award per the chart. I remember the issue originally was that EY didn’t publish a fare JFK-MLE. Perhaps they do now?

  3. I flew R/T at the end of Feb JFK-AUH-MLE for 90K each way.
    1) You have to get to/from JFK
    2) JFK-AUH and return is Diamond suites first class. AUH-MLE-AUH is in business class. No first class is offered on these flights.

  4. Since Etihad has conveniently stopped publishing fares to MLE – it’s now as hard as ever to get one award to MLE. It’s easier with Qatar.

    We recently took a deeper look at the options using Etihad (missing published fares) and Qatar (routing restrictions). If you can make it work for you – they are great options!