Air Tahiti Nui Chooses Oneworld Over Skyteam

Air Tahiti Nui has chosen to join the Oneworld Alliance instead of the Skyteam alliance, according to this article, which is in French. If you don’t read French, allow me to translate: Haw haw haw. We love berets. You are stoopeed. More baguettes for everyone!

As VFTW points out, this would likely mean the end of their partnership with Delta and Air France. Why does this matter? Because SkyMiles could be used to go to Tahiti both on Air France and Air Tahiti Nui. Not anymore.

There are no bargains in the Air Tahiti Nui frequent flyer program, but I do like that on their website their section about using frequent flyer miles is titled “Burn Miles,” which is how we frequent flyer dorks refer to it.

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